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Fars Gas Power Plant (BOT)

Fars-gas-power-plantConstruction of Fars Gas Power Plant with a capacity of 972 MW at ISO conditions was assigned to MAPNA Group on the basis of build, own and operate (BOT) scheme in the calendar month of Azar (Nov – Dec) 2004.

Now all the six units of the power plant have been synchronized and supply their generated electricity to the nationwide electricity network through a 400 kV substation of the power plant.

Fars Gas Power Plant consists of six gas units each with a capacity of 162 MW at ISO conditions (972 MW in total). The units are of V94.2 version manufactured by MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA). Among prominent features of Fars Gas Power Plant at the time of its design is anticipation of the capability to convert it into a combined cycle power plant in future.

Construction of Fars Gas Power Plant was assigned to MAPNA Group in line with the country’s macro policies and implementation of main policies stipulated in Article 44 of the Constitution on participation of the private sector in construction and operation of power plants.

Six months after the assignment, an agreement for conversion of Fars Gas Power Plant (ECA) was signed and exchanged between TAVANIR Company as the purchaser of electricity or the off-taker and Fars Gas Power Plant Project Company as the investor company for selling electricity for a period of 20 years.

On the basis of provisions of ECA, the investor company established Fars Gas Power Plant Project Company in the calendar month of Azar (21 Nov.– 20 Dec. 2005) in Jebel Ali Free Zone of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and ground was broken for construction of the power plant in the month of Aban (23 Oct. – 21 Nov. 2006) during a ceremony in the presence of officials of the Energy Ministry and Fars Province Regional Electricity Company and MAPNA Group. But due to the financing hurdles, construction of the power plant virtually started on 16 August 2009. Fars Gas Power Plant is located 25 km from Shiraz on the road to Fasa.

Simultaneously with the start of construction operations of Fars Gas Power Plant, Fars Power Plant Company in 2009 established its Iran branch office in Tehran which is responsible for following up all the affairs relevant to the construction, operation and financing during the contract on behalf of Fars Gas Power Plant Company.

In the Fars Power Plant Project the company which purchases electricity or consumes the capital is TAVANIR Company, the investor company is Fars Power Plant Company (FZE) and the consultant of the project is Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers Company. Meanwhile, MAPNA Power Plant Construction and Development Company (MD-1) is the contractor of construction operations of the power plant and MAPNA Operation and Maintenance Company is in charge of operation of the power plant for 20 years.

On the other hand, Fars Gas Power Plant Company as the project company in this contract undertakes conversion of energy with TAVANIR Company and is responsible for all the affairs relevant to financing, construction and operation.



Source : MAPNA Company

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